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Anna Salenko

Italy, fashion,

atmosphere of European beauty and a palette knife…

These were all my tools I had when I started to develop skills necessary for every professional artist. ⁣⁣ Back then I was studying at University. My specialisation was closer to fashion rather than painting or art. I believed my sudden interest for palette knife painting and oil paintings to be a whim that I would soon forget about. I was mistaken. Everything turned out to be more serious than I thought…

Soon, I got something special. It was a hardcover sketchbook. No matter where I went, it was always with me. ⁣⁣ The thing I didn’t have was the resources from which I could get necessary knowledge. At present, there are various online courses, websites and blogs on painting and palette knife painting in particular. I didn’t have all that ten years ago. The only source of theory on palette knife painting were the books written back in the times of Leonardo da Vinci. ⁣⁣⠀

I could either read those books or…start learning on my own. I chose the second option. ⁣⁣

Looking back on those times… The efforts I made, the private lessons I attended, the knowledge I drew from books piece by piece and my huge desire to create… I feel that I’m still inspired to create. I’m still in love with palette knife painting process and the beauty that is created with flexible steel palette knives. I enjoy the emotions I feel when painting with palette knife.

My path was all about trial and error. It was hard but very interesting and enjoyable. That was how I defined my own style of painting. I successfully developed and honed the skills of the painting I was interested in.

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