Edith Mak

Balancing work and family life is an everyday struggle, my work provides a balance with fluid and serene movements to escape our hectic lifestyle. Very often we would look to the Outdoors and Nature for a relaxing and peaceful environment. Open blue sky, lush green forest, and crashing waves all convey different senses with their colours, sounds, scents, and textures. Inspired by the senses of nature my work evokes the viewer to explore their imagination, senses, and emotions through manipulating the natural flow of paint, colour, and textures.

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Deposit process went smoothly. Thank you.

From asking a few questions to ordering, Edith was very helpful. The items were dispatched right away and I received them within a couple days. The cheese boards are beautiful gifts and I'm sure the recipients will love them! I'm likely to order again.

Smoothly and very quickly! Would definitely recommend.

Hayley Andruko about listing Aqua Ocean Coasters 3 months ago.