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Hi, I'm Aubrey.

Artist. Nature lover. Flower fanatic. Captain of the AM. Kindergarten teacher.

From childhood, I've always loved creating various arts and crafts pieces. Inspired by two crafty grandmas, I've dabbled in a range of handicrafts: knitting, sewing, watercolor, upcycled goods, jewelry making and even woodshop...just to name a few. There's no craft I won't try.

Recently, I've discovered joy in creating fiber art pieces, learning how to macrame and utilize fiber in unique ways. Living on Lamma Island and commuting to Tai Koo during the week, prompted me to fill my commute time with a productive activity. I started macrame-ing on the ferry and bus ride, making pieces for my home and for friends. Slowly, I started to accumulate pieces and decided to try my hand selling them on the sidewalk in Yung Shue Wan along with other artists on the island. The more I sold on the weekend, the more I learned about what people preferred. Something useful: plant hangers. I also am very grateful to have a large rooftop and garden, so I began to propagate Pothos plants from the island paths to give as a complimentary gift with the plant hangers. I have found great success and joy in the plant and plant hanger combo. I still make large wall hangings by custom order and for my home. I have recently also started to venture into the territory of macrame home decor, crafting hangers for mirrors, lights and shelves, many of them secondhand.

On weekdays, you can find me in my Kindergarten classroom getting creative with ways to engage the amazing little humans in my class through hands-on learning. I've been making my way around Asia teaching in primary schools for the past five years. I'm currently based on an Lamma Island of Hong Kong where I'm surrounded by jungles, beaches, flowers and endless sources of inspiration in nature. When I'm not working on artistic creations or teaching, you can find me playing outside. A lover of mornings and the sun, many of my pieces are crafted on my rooftop overlooking lush subtropical landscapes.

I hope that my pieces can bring the joy and beauty of my surroundings into your home.

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