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Causeway bay crowd street, taxi. Hong Kong

Framed Size: 20 x20 x 2 cm
Unframed Size: 15 x 15 x 0.5 cm


All paintings are created using only palette knives. This technique allows for more freedom when painting. It also allows me to paint pictures with smooth multi-colors that are applied in single strokes. As a result, pictures look more atmospheric.

I have been working on my style for more than 10 years, showing everyday life as it is. By creating pictures, my aim is to share THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD with everyone.

Story of the product : Causeway bay traffic, It never sleeps It’s full of energy that it’s ready to share with you. You can feel the vibrations of life in the air. It’s all about the Causeway bay area. I did my best to show how dynamic this area is. I tried to “catch” the moment of people and cars going and driving somewhere. Crowds of people in the market. They all are talking about something and the sound of them talking simultaneously resembles the buzz of bees in a beehive. My favorite red taxis can also be seen. I can’t imagine the streets of Hong Kong without these taxis. They do deserve to be called a symbol of Hong Kong. The colors look as bright as Causeway bay itself. I liked the result of my work very much.
Additional shipping and delivery information : Paintings are sent by HK Express Post. Local delivery takes approximately 2-5 working days. After you’ve paid for your order online, it takes me several days to prepare your order for shipping. I take time to package your painting or paintings properly. 
Return and Exchanges : If the painting you get was damaged while shipping, I will gladly create the same painting again and send it to you. Write me a short letter and briefly explain why you need a return :)
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