Hi there, thank you for stopping by, here's a brief introduction about me and my small knitting business BARASHKA in Hong Kong for anyone I'm yet to meet;

I am Liudmila. I live and knit in Hong Kong. Yes, and it is +25 degrees 8 months a year! A bit strange you will think, but NOT if consider that I am coming from a Siberian City of Russia called CHITA, where is everything is exactly opposite and +25 degrees we see only 2 months a year. And also don’t forget that Hong Kong doesn't have heating in the coldest months, so we are very cold here and my knitting is absolutely in the right place!!

I have a beautiful SuperCat - Tigra! Tigra in Russian means Tiger, I guess that is why he is a bit grumpy all the time and a bit wild, yet always gracious! He’s been with me for 7 years already (Oh wow!) and originally he had a Chinese citizen :D

I launched my business in July 2018, after I turned THIRTY years old, yes, I am 31 now :) I thought this is the time to do something that I like to do - create & knit in a small studio (studio is in plans with HK rental prices O_0), knit & create more.

BARASHKA means a little sheep in Russian. As you know, all my products made by 100% Merino Wool only. Also, BA are the first letters of my family name, I am RUSsian (letters game) and live in HK. One word -> BA-RAS-HKa!

Merino Wool is the greatest material ever. It is absolutely safe, biodegradable & Eco-friendly, soft, beautiful & chunky! I mainly make soft furnishings (particularly blankets & pillows) and I am thinking to build the DIY section & working shops, so you too can have some fun.

If you would like to learn more about me or BARASHKA products, just let me know :)

Thanks for stopping by,

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Beautiful pieces ! Thru are perfect

Linda Goh about listing Giant Santa Christmas Socks 3 years ago.