Hi! My name is David and I started Bositos almost as an accident.

I'm a primary school teacher in Hong Kong. One day a couple years ago, for school photo day, I wore a bow tie for the fun of it. My second grade students got a kick out of it, so I thought I would collect some interesting bow ties to wear at different occasions, inside and outside of school. However, the only bow ties I could find here were "fancy" bow ties. They were nice, for sure, but they seemed a bit overkill for the casual and fun vibe I was looking for. So I bought a sewing machine and taught myself how to make bow ties.

The name "Bositos" is a mashup of a few different words and ideas. It sounds like it could be a Spanglish word meaning "little bows." Also, you can find the word for little bear (osito) in there. Hence, the logo my good friend designed.

I'm hoping that the bow ties I make appeal to people who want to add a little bit of fun and enjoyment to the events in their lives. They can be a fun conversation piece, and they'll definitely stand out. Don't worry if you don't see a design that appeals to you - there are new and different designs coming up all the time!

Thanks, and welcome to Bositos!

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Excellent. Great products. Brilliant communication. Five stars! Thank you.

Simon Feather about listing Necktie - Blue Hong Kong Boats 3 months ago.

The package is well received. Really lovely bowties and neck gaiters, thank you so much David!

Everything was great! Thanks!