Clay & Clove Handmade Jewelry

Clay & Clove is a handmade jewelry brand, focused on creating dainty and elegant polymer clay earrings. Polymer clay is a great medium for making handmade jewelry as it is fade resistant, extremely durable (our clay earrings won't break if you drop them!) and lightweight.

Our jewelry is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring the highest quality. Established in 2020, all earrings are proudly 100% handmade, are designed and produced locally in Hong Kong.

Creating polymer clay earrings involves the following steps: clay conditioning, colour mixing, shape cutting, baking, sanding, assembling and packing. Our floral earrings are commonly made by creating each petal one by one, and using a needle to add detail. It is a process that requires lots of time and patience- but luckily our founder loves the process and finds it therapeutic!

We hope you find something you like and please don't hesitate to message us to ask any questions!

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