Custom watercolour Pet Portraits print Lai See, CNY Red Pockets

This Pet Portraits Lai See can be ordered in 100 / 200 copies. (The prices display is for 100 copies.)

120g Pearl Paper
Standard size w3.35 x h6.65 inch
You can order custom size, please contact us for details)

1) Choose your favourite high-resolution image of your cute pet, it will be better can see your pet faces clear!
2) When we decide the best photo as a reference, we'll start to paint the first layout.
3) We will send the first layout to you when we finished, we can revisions the painting at this moment.
4) Pricing includes 3 revisions and after that, each additional revision cost HKD 100.
5) We will send the final revisions you approve to the printer.

Production time:
1) Layout:
When we decide the best photo, it's take around 7–14 business days for the first layout, each revisions take around 3–7 business days. (Deplane on how many changes.)
2) Printing
Printer need 3–5 business printing.
3) Shipping
The shipping time around 1–2 business days.

The project need around one months, we recommend you order as soon as possible :)

Story of the product: Why not give your family and friends a special custom design Lai See during the Chinese new year? We love to paint your cute family member on the Lai See, how cool is that? :)
Additional shipping and delivery information: We will use SF express with tracking code. Please noted that residential property within remote area is subject to HKD20 remote area surcharge only. please check the link below for more details:
Return, exchange and cancellation policy: No return or exchanges available.
Item Type:
Hong Kong-Inspired