Ride The Minibus (Card Game)

Ride the Minibus is a drinking game that celebrates all the weird and wonderful things that make up living in Hong Kong. From junk trips, contemplating quitting your day job to becoming a private tutor, to getting yelled at by taxi drivers – this game covers it all.

150 cards, 8 categories, hours of fun.

Go around the room
Take a sip if
On the count of 3
Story time
Give out sips if
Down your drink

(Ride the Minibus can be played with Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks)

4-10 players
For ages 18+

As seen in Tatler Hong Kong, Hive Life, Honeycombers, Localiiz, and The Beat Asia.

Story of the product: The three founders, Krystal, Jhalak and Trisha wanted to use their varied skills and passions to collaborate on a project together. After working on the first failed product for 2 months, they met up for drinks and decided to scrap the idea and start fresh. While sipping on margaritas and laughing about their unique Hong Kong experiences, they decided to create a drinking game around Hong Kong. Three days and several phone calls later, they had over 200 prompts, and there began the next three months of design, production, testing and marketing. Having launched in November 2021, they sold out right before Christmas. They are now expanding to create such drinking games for cities all over the world. The current pipeline involves a game for Singaporeans, as well as another for Indians living all over the world.
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