Lunar New Year Papercutting - Enter The Dragon

These designs were drawn and cut by hand, then digitised to be reproduced using traditional Chinese red paper, maintaining its authentic texture and unmistakable colour. Part of the charm of this material lies in its small imperfections, variegated colour, and the way it fades over the course of the year.

A bespoke small-batch laser-cutting process was developed to preserve the integrity of the delicate material. The paper is reinforced with a recycled card backing, made from 80% post-consumer waste, for improved durability.

The Cantonese idiom ‘豬籠入水’ is an auspicious phrase which literally translates as ‘Water Entering A Pig Basket’. Traditionally, live pigs are carried to markets using large baskets made of woven strands of bamboo. Since water is symbolic of wealth, the imagery of water flowing into the porous basket signifies the influx of good fortune. In a play of words, the characters pig basket ‘豬籠’ are replaced here with a homophone ‘朱龍’, which means crimson dragon.

The papercutting is packaged in a cardboard carton, perfect for gifting during the Lunar New Year Season. Blutack and sticking instructions are included in the packaging. You can use it to decorate your front door, window and walls to add a hint of festivity. Some customers keep them up all year round until the next zodiac arrives!

Papercutting size: 280x270mm
Packaing size: 285x285x10mm
Material: Traditional Red Paper mounted on recycled cardstock

Story of the product: Nick Tsao, founder of Tsaoao Design began designing and hand-cutting his own papercuttings in Year of the Goat (2012). What began as a single batch handicraft for family and friends slowly grew into the business over the past few years.
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Hong Kong-Inspired
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