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Mandala of Positivity Poster - Art Print

Size: A3 (12.5 x 17.5 inches)
Paper: Thick Matte finish 300 gsm + Matte Laminated on Both Sides
Materials Used to Draw & Paint: Water Colours & Ink
Hand-drawn & hand-painted before printing
Made with love and positive thoughts.

All art prints are limited editions. And will be replaced by new stock soon.

Disclaimer: The colours of the print may vary a little from the colours on your computer screen.

Story of the product : The Thought - Mandala of Positivity is born from the idea that no matter what challenges life throws at you, to be a happy person is still in your hands. The words in this painting are - " Life is nothing but a perception. We may not be in control of our fate. But to choose happiness is our prerogative. All we need to do is focus on good. The colours represent different chapters of life. Mandala drawing is a therapeutic art form that emanates inner peace and a sense of self-satisfaction. Drawing this intricate piece took me up to 14 hours
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