Stay Hygienic & Hydrated: Single-use hand soap & hand lotion

This #HH: Hygienic & Hydrated set includes a box of single-use shredded hand soap and hand lotion for you to remove the bacteria and stay hydrated

One box has around 80 washes and lotions.
Net Weight: 10g

Please leave a message to choose the scent of hand soap and lotion before check out.
Hand soap : Peppermint Tea / Rosy Lavender
Hand lotion: Vanilla Lavender / Coconut Lime

Story of the product: Soap + Water is always the most effective way to remove germs but it can easily dry out your skin after frequent washes every day. You can simply take a piece of hand lotion after washing your hands to keep them #hh : Hygienic and Hydrated!
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Return, exchange and cancellation policy: We do not accept return & exchanges of used products. You may return undamaged soaps or skincare products in their original packages for a refund or exchange within 7 days after you receive them.
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