Watercolour sun flower wedding invitations

This Sunflower invitation set can be ordered in 100/200/300 copies. (The price display is for 100 copies.)

*This is our Semi-custom collection, you are able to changes the text color, add images or logo, straight or horizontal.

300g Mingle Card
Mingle Card have unique patterns and the strongest texture which similar to watercolor paper.
Standard size 172 x 107mm
(You can order a custom size, please contact us for details)

1) Please send us your wedding information, we will update the text in this layout.
2) It takes within 7 business days to send you back the first layout, we can revisions the painting at this moment.
3) Pricing includes 3 revisions and after that, each additional revision cost HKD 100.
5) We will send the final revisions you approve to the printer.

Production time:
1) Layout:
When we received all the information, it takes around 7 business days for the first layout, each revision takes around 3–7 business days. (Deplane on how many changes.)
2) Printing
The printer needs 3–5 business printing.
3) Shipping
The shipping time around 1–2 business days.

Story of the product : The sunflower is the symbol of the Sun and symbolizes love and admiration. But also happiness, vitality, positivism and energy. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes a long life and good luck.
Additional shipping and delivery information : We will use SF express with tracking code. Please noted that residential property within remote area is subject to HKD20 remote area surcharge only. please check the link below for more details: https://htm.sf-express.com/hk/en/download/HongKongResidentialSurcharge_EN.pdf
Return and Exchanges : No return or exchanges available.