Print from my hand-painted Watercolor Blue Pattern Washi Tape

Flourish Pattern Watercolour Washi Tape by SCKCART
For Personal Use.

Quantity: 1 roll
Size: 1.5cm x 10m
Material: Rice Paper, Adhesive

What is Washi Tape?
In Japan, it's known as masking tape (マスキングテープ). The word washi comes from the word “wa” in Japanese meaning “traditional Japanese”, and “shi” meaning paper. So basically washi tape is traditional Japanese masking tape made of traditional Japanese paper. It is beautiful and useful, you can peel it off easily and reposition.

You can make tiny flags, transform a computer keyboard, cover a notebook or decorate your cups etc :)

Story of the product: Watercolour hand painting pattern with love and passion :)
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