Personalized letter hairband

100% handmade by me
air dry clay hairband
Colour using acrylics

Please allow 7-14days for dispatch as all customized/ personalized air dry clay products are air dried naturally.

Let me know which letter A-Z and what colour you would like. All colours are mixed by me using primary colours, products colours won’t be consistent at all. Please take into consideration. Band colours will be chosen by me. If there’s a particular colour band you’d like, let me know and I’ll try my best to match.

All air dry clay products should not be used to hold food

Story of the product : One day my beautiful son who loves constructions asked for some bricks to play with. So I got myself some terracotta air dry clay and I enjoyed using them so much I made some products for myself and now am starting to make more and more using air dry clay. Combine with my love of drawing, I started to have some ideas for jewelry.
Additional shipping and delivery information : Let me know if you want tracking. Mostly by Hong Kong Post.
Return and Exchanges : Not available.
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