NEW! “I Love Hong Kong” Series Keychains – Egg Waffle, Red Postbo

With a passion to preserve the beauty and culture of Hong Kong, we hold close to our hearts to create these unique keychains wholly designed and made in Hong Kong. This series of keychains was created with 9 sketches illustrated by myself hoping the keychains are not merely a souvenir, but a little piece of Hong Kong culture and memory. The keychains are produced with special UV printed texture with special feeling touching on it. It comes with a nice packaging as unique Hong Kong gift.

[Egg waffle]
-Egg waffle, or gai daan jai(雞蛋仔) in Cantonese, is one of the most iconic and popular street snack in Hong Kong. The sweet and chewy egg batter creates balls of doughy goodness.

[Red Postbox & Graffiti by King of Kowloon]
-Both were iconic to Hong Kong street culture. Colonial-era red post boxes were painted green after the handover to China in 1997. The distinctive graffiti was spotted all around the streets of Hong Kong. His typography has inspired many fashion designers and art directors.

[Hong Kong Tram]
-Hong Kong Tram, also known as the Ding Ding by locals, have been running from East to West of Hong Kong Island since 1904. The tram still remains the most economical mode of public transportation in Hong Kong.

Dimensions: 78mm x 50mm
Printing & Material : Acrylic with UV printed texture
No. of keychains: 3 pieces in total – 1 design of each
(If you wish to change any combination of keychain design with other package, please PM me). We are happy to do it for you.

Story of the product : NEW! “I Love Hong Kong” Series Keychains – Egg Waffle, Red Postbox & Graffiti by King of Kowloon, Hong Kong Tram “I Love Hong Kong” series keychains are a depiction of old present Hong Kong through illustrations by Karen Aruba inspired by its rich local culture from street food, iconic transportation to traditional Hong Kong cultural elements.
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