Mandala Universe Adult Colouring Book - 14 Unique Designs

- 14 thought-provoking hand-drawn Mandalas, each comes from a unique idea and defines an aspect of life.
- 200g thick pages suitable for drawing pens, pitt pens, brush pens, water colours, colour pencils and most other tools.
- 1 extra blank page for testing colours before applying on the main mandala

Made with love and lots of positive thoughts.

Story of the product: Theme - Concepts about life that resonate with everyone, represented in the form of various Mandalas. A Mandala is a symbol of the cosmos, it is of spiritual importance in Buddhism & Hinduism. Mandalas are known for their healing ability. This coloring book helps in improving focus, gaining control over your mind and diverting your thoughts from negative to positive emotions.
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