Giant Santa Hat

100% Merino wool

One Size, approximately 60 cm long

These Santa Hats are designed to be worn ‘folded over’ as on the pictures as they are quite heavy!

As with all woollen products, pilling may occur with heavy use, pilling is not a defect and can easily be cut or shaved off. Each Santa Hat is handmade from start to finish including the pom-poms which have a rustic, choppy effect and will not be perfectly round. Every hat is slightly different and that is considered to be part of their charm.

Spot clean any spills, dry clean when necessary.

The story of the product : Has anyone else looked this festive and fabulous at Christmas party? This fun Santa hat is an awesome jumbo knit accessory to style your Christmas outfit! Hand-knit with a white rim, ruby red triangular shaping and finished with a big fluffy hand-cut pom-pom. Perfect for the work Christmas party, Christmas Dinner or just as a decoration around the house - They look great on a bedpost, banister/newel post or with a little stuffing inside just sitting on the coffee table or sideboard.
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