Christmas Snow Fun - Miniature Model Diorama

"Christmas Snow Fun" is a snow scene somewhere in the north on a beautiful clear bright day after lots of fresh snowfall the previous night.

The model includes a woman on the steps of their beautiful mansion looking at her little son walk on knee-deep snow.

He is walking towards his dad who is pulling the sleigh where their baby girl is sitting snug. The dog wags his tail all excited while a cat looks on lazily lying near the steps of their home.

We also notice they have built a beautiful snowman at the entrance of the park opposite their house. The cobbled road has been partially cleared but it is still wet.

Model dimensions : 15cm X 15cm
The model sits on a wooden base and is enclosed in an acrylic glass cover.

The story of the product : We are fascinated by miniatures. But equal is our fascination with technology. The dream was for anyone to be able to experience any place on planet earth on a mini scale on a tabletop and to then bring the model to life digitally. Thus was formed Miniofy. We had a dream and then we made it a reality. ​ Miniofy is where exquisite handcrafting meets state of the art technology. It is a pathbreaking way to tell your story, a surprising new way to recollect fond memories and a unique and jaw-dropping gift of awesomeness and thoughtfulness to your loved ones.
Additional shipping and delivery information : Made to Order , Ships within 2 weeks of placing the order. For HK, free delivery in 1-2 days For everywhere else, 7-20 days to deliver and additional charge of HKD 400 will apply
Return and Exchanges : No returns or exchanges. But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.
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