California Olive Live Edge x Smokey Tinted Epoxy Resin Clock

This 13-inch Smokey Tinted Epoxy Resin Clock made from a California olive wood slab which came from a retired orchard tree in Central California, Young Town Taiwan quartz movement that allows it to be completely silent no ticking.
It is a 100% handmade item. The wood is milled from its roughest state into a finished product. As a result (and as is common with all wooden furniture) there is a change there are minor visual imperfects (small knots for example) that are simply unavoidable. This is not a perfect manufactured piece and that is part of its charm. Wood is by nature an imperfect medium and part of the reason I love working with it is its tendency to lend character to each unique piece.

The story of the product : Our purpose is do the best to create products from wasted wood, as this live edge slab came from a retired olive tree.
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