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“Sights, Cities & Sceneries” LE Collectible Cards

“Sights, Cities & Sceneries” is a limited edition (100) set of ten collectible “Ink Trail” trading cards. Each card features one of my artworks, based on some of my favorites spots around Hong Kong, Sweden and the Philippines.

Story of the product : These cards went through a number of different designs before ending up how they look today. After settling on a design for the layout, I would have an external company (Ma Kin Kee, Wan Chai) print and cut up all of the cards before personally cutting all the corners by hand. The layout for the box was also designed by yours truly before being manually cut, folded and glued together.
Additional shipping and delivery information : The product will be shipped and sent within two (2) weeks. A shipping fee of HKD22 will apply. Pickup is also optional (no extra fee).
Return and Exchanges : This product has a warranty of two (2) months, which includes a full refund should the customer not be satesfied with the product.