Richard Crosbie Art

Richard is an Artist originally from South Wales, UK, and has been living in Hong Kong for the past 25 years. He enjoys sketching and painting where he draws inspiration from our local cultural surroundings, transforming his work into high-quality affordable art prints that make perfect gifts to those who love and have a connection with our city home. As Richard says:

"I love living in Hong Kong and everything about it. I enjoy seeing the vast vistas and the tiny details, from cityscapes and harbour views, bustling market and street scenes to observing reflections in puddles and slowing drying paint on fire hydrants, I love it all,".

Richard's work encompasses both 'urban sketching' and 'en plein air' painting created on location as well as detailed works of art created in the studio. He uses both pen, ink, acrylics, pastels, and watercolours and is continually inspired by Hong Kong's many different aspects. He goes on to say:

"I've been told that my style is quite distinctive. The words 'perspective' and 'detailed' come up a lot. I suppose that may be from my design background as I was a product designer for a number of years. Now that I am creating art, I feel like I have awakened and can see Hong Kong anew. My art has taught me to observe carefully my surroundings. The more I look, the more there is to see".

Update February 2024:
"Richard Crosbie Art" has been voted as the SILVER Winner for the Best Art Galleries and Services, under the Furniture & Home Décor category in the Expat Living Readers Choice Awards 2024.

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Purchased a lovely piece from Mr. Crosbie. He was a very pleasant and honest person to work with. Replied quickly to my inquiries and I was able to purchase and receive a print on the same day that I purchased off Qraftie. Highly recommended.

Jahyun Yoo about listing Yellow Ding Ding - Art Print 6 months ago.

Awesome! Thank you so much for your help in sending over. My wife loves it

Luke Kavanagh about listing Yellow Ding Ding - Art Print 7 months ago.

Everything went tickey- boo. Thanks very much!

Audrey Shepherd about listing Citrus Junction – Art print 8 months ago.