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I'm self-taught artist based in Hong Kong since 2018, after living in Italy, Belgium, the United States, Ireland, and Germany. My art journey started in 2017 when I realised that I wasn’t spending enough time doing the thing I loved most: painting. Since then, I have created The Quiet Place Art, taught several painting workshops, and organised two exhibitions in Dublin and four in Hong Kong.

For my watercolour illustrations, I find inspiration in nature, galaxies and the places I travel to. I believe in the power of art as a way to connect deeper with oneself, as opposed to the wider audience. In today’s hectic world, I am committed to inspiring more and more people to take up art as a way to find calm, build resilience and create your own quiet place.

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Everything was perfect, the artwork is beautiful

Leigh-Ann Luckett about listing The Polar Bear (Print) 12 months ago.

Smooth delivery and she was kind enough to give me an extra postcard, much appreciated!

Bernard Yu about listing Hong Kong Skyline Postcard 1 year ago.

Prompt response from Laura after order was placed. No hassle in meeting up and she kindly took time to describe her works too! Everything went well!