Driftwood Necklace Holder - Flowers

Our driftwood necklace holders are unique and handmade. The base is made from driftwood collected on the Sai Kung beaches.

This design has 5 handpicked knobs in blue and silver colours.

Dimensions: Approx 40 cm x 9 cm

Each necklace holder is ready for easy hanging with a wire attached at the back.

Story of the product: I live by the sea and spend most of my holiday times and weekends in on or under the sea. I've recently been spending quite a bit of time walking my new puppy down by the beach searching for shells and driftwood that can be repurposed. There is something satisfying about finding something battered and discarded and making into something that is beautiful and loved again. I've also wrestled over the years with how to hang the many bits of costume jewellery I have at home without them ending up in a tangle when I come to put them on in the morning. This seemed an ideal solution. My first attempt, is probably my favourite, I've kept this one and have yet to find a piece of driftwood quite like this one, but I'll keep looking. Since then I've made a few more necklace hangers using different coloured knobs and both driftwood and newer painted wood. The knobs are collected from different stores and shops both over here in hong Kong, the web and markets in Spain. I love mixing and matching the colours and designs to make each design individual.
Additional shipping and delivery information: Pick up or delivery in Sai Kung for free.
Return, exchange and cancellation policy: Returns are accepted provided the item is returned within 14 days. In the unlikely event the product arrives damaged a replacement item can be sent.