Decorative Mirror - Sparkle

Glass mirrors with beautiful inspirational quotations to keep you motivated through the day. Each mirror is designed and made by Frances and includes a little sparkle to catch your eye.

Mirror measures 22cm x 17 cm and are ready to hang with black ribbon already attached.

We can also personalise your mirror with your own quotation or names.

Story of the product: The inspiration for these mirrors was actually our family dog Sparkle. Whilst visiting Spain I came across a sign that read “Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives”. Our family dog was named Sparkle and so I decided to make a mirror reminding us of our Sparkle. I added a few sparkles added for good measure as you can never have enough Sparkle in your life! Following the making my original mirror I came across a few other inspirational quotations I thought might look great as mirrors and have been gradually adding to the selection ever since.
Additional shipping and delivery information: Pick up or delivery in Sai Kung for free.
Return, exchange and cancellation policy: Returns are accepted provided the item is returned within 14 days. In the unlikely event the product arrives damaged a replacement item can be sent.