Fridge Magnets made from Champagne corks. [Set of 4]

Distinct fridge magnets made from the corks and muselets of a variety of grower Champagne houses, Prosecco makers and American Sparkling wine makers.

The magnets come in a set of 4 in a tectonihks branded gift box and each set contains a different magnet, in a range of colours and designs.

Typical dimension: 3.5cm [Diameter] x 2.5cm [Depth]

[Please note that these products are not toys or suitable for young children.]

Story of the product: Regardless of the value of the wine, the corks that accompany it mostly end up in the bin. I felt perhaps with their unique design and vibrant colours they deserved a second life! These corks mostly come from my wife's wine company which has recently acquired a large grower Champagne portfolio. The odd Prosecco corks come from the occasional shift I do serving drinks on junks!
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