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Haunting memories

In my head series: Haunting memories
Limited edition print on 300gsm textured paper(signed)
Size: 17* 21 cm

You will only receive the print. The set up is a mock-up of the artwork

Story of the product : Every unresolved childhood issue, not dealt with,just boxed and kept locked up erupts in different other areas and influences different choices and decisions in life. . Sometimes those nightmares reoccur. The worse part is these horrid memories still vividly take up memory space. No wonder the memory runs out of space to store new ones happy ones. . Right before sleep, these memories decide to visit their old haunt. You can remember each and every emotion you felt, every cowering under the sheet, each and every yelling. . How you bandaged your wounds with insecurity. How it kept rotting and ate you from inside but still not healed. . Time has past but those wounds haven’t . No matter how much you try to let go, these memories will never do they same with you. Your mind is their favourite haunt.
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